The biggest question to answer: Why did I choose to Podcast?

So as I plan and outline my Thesis intentions, I have to come up with many questions to answer as I make my way through the tall grass of the Podcasting process.  Some of the big hitter questions are things like “how do I make a podcast?”, “how do I upload it to my blog?”, “how do I edit a podcast?”  I spent a good deal of time thinking of the questions I need to answer while drafting up an outline to help me have a road map to success in this whole experience.  As I was finalizing my outline to send to my professor, I was reviewing the questions and simply thought, “what is the point behind all of this?”  Soon as this thought came into my head, I figured out the real question I should be asking myself: “Why did I choose Podcasting for the focus on my Thesis?”  You know, not long ago I hated podcasts.  All these people I knew were getting into them and I just found the thought of listening to people talk so drab.  I felt as though Podcasts were like Pokemon Go; EVERYBODY was doing it, and I hate them for it.  I didn’t get what was interesting whatsoever.  Ironically at this time, I was a serious die-hard Howard Stern fan and never picked up on the fact that his 4 hour show was 4 hours almost entirely composed of talking.  I didn’t understand at the time that humor made conversations interesting; so much though that I could listen for 4+ hours without wanting it to stop.


"Howard Stern's Birthday Bash" Presented By SiriusXM, Produced By Howard Stern Productions - Inside
NEW YORK, NY – JANUARY 31: Howard Stern speaks onstage at “Howard Stern’s Birthday Bash” presented by SiriusXM, produced by Howard Stern Productions at Hammerstein Ballroom on January 31, 2014 in New York City. (Photo by Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for SiriusXM)

Fast forward a little while and I got really into Crossfit which exposed me to these guys who do a Podcast called Barbell Shrugged.  I wanted to get better at Crossfit and was told there was a lot of good stuff on their show.  I gave it a shot and hoo-ra! They’re very intelligent guys in the fitness world with a show composed of fitness and humor.  They all had these fun, sarcastic personalities who seemed to hold my attention.  Not long after I was turned onto the Joe Rogan Experience.  I didn’t mesh well with this Podcast at first so it didn’t really stick for long so I just went back to Howard Stern and Barbell Shrugged.  Lets fast forward just a bit further to when my boss at LAVA seemed to have a vast affinity for the Joe Rogan Experience.  He feverishly tried to convince  me that not only does he get fantastic guests, but the dialogue he had with them mixed with the very heavy content made the show wildly fascinating.  I started to listen again after I found an episode he did with comedian Whitney Cummings; who I liked from the Howard Stern show.  As I listened to the episode I noticed they were getting into topics like self introspection, the psychology on why humans do what they do based on ancestral settings which have molded our current psyche, and more.  I, myself, find the self introspection and playing self therapist fascinating.  I’m constantly wondering what happened with my life as a child that has molded me to be the guy I am now.  And the greatest part was that they weren’t following any script.  They were speaking 100% stream of consciousness, with one topic spider webbing to several others.  They were uncensored, had amazing dialogue, and all-in-all it was holding my interest.  That got me sucked in.  I’ve been addicted to the medium ever since also subscribing to those of Bill Burr, Marc Maron, and more.  The 2 factors that connects  these all together?  Humor mixed with deep, heady ideas.  And of course, there was no script.  I’ve tried getting into some recommended Podcasts such as Serial, and it was like I was listening to a book on tape.  I don’t even like reading, so why would I want to listen to someone else read?


So my question to answer this semester, Why did I choose to Podcast?  The most simplest of answers would have to be because I feel I have an inner dialogue running 24 hours a day but am terrible at vocalizing any of it.  I can barely even tell a joke.  In my head, thoughts and speech are 100% crystal clear.  Soon as I have to use that little bit extra brain power to concentrate and formulate words, I lose the clarity.  I want to be able to speak my thoughts out as they appear in my head just like Howard Stern, Joe Rogan, Bill Burr, and all the rest I admire.  I find blogging therapeutic, so why not try to extend this into the spoken word medium?



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