Unboxing A Podcast: And So It Begins

Well, they’re finally here so it’s time for a good ol’ fashion unboxing!  So to quickly recap, I just received the Blue Snowball iCE desktop microphone and corresponding pop filter made by DragonPad.  First lets take a look at the mic since that will be the majority focus here.


Here’s the packaging that it comes in: A box about 12″ tall by 6″ wide.  Overall clean and minimal design.    The box was slightly tarnished; assuming from it being shipped to me.  What’s inside the pretty, roughed up box box though?

img_6390img_6391There isn’t much in there!  We have the actual microphone unit itself; the spherical unit in the 2nd image above, 1 wire, the stand, and a small user guide.  Talk about easy!


That’s all there is folks!  This is the ultimate package for user friendly.  If you know how to turn an object around a dowel and plug in a wire, you can officially set this up without even looking at the directions!  This is what it looks like here:


It’s really that easy.  But just in case you want extra security, you can surely check out the cute little manual.  It’s a very short read, mostly consisting of recording tips and setups for various softwares.  I have not yet decided on which piece of software I will use to record so we can dive into the setup via another post.   So for now, we will just do a general setup to work with my iMac.img_6407

This took all of 20 seconds; seriously.

Just go to settings, click sound, click input, click blue snowball, BOOM, done.screen-shot-2016-10-02-at-7-04-34-pm

Only one thing left to do, set up the pop filter and we can call this post quits until the next where I investigate recording software.  So the install on this was so easy that it actually didn’t even come with instructions.  img_6404

You basically just have to be alive and conscious to figure out how to fasten it to something.  More or less it attaches using a vice like apparatus that tightens using a threaded bolt.  img_6410

Simple adjust the black screen in front of the micro and here we have the finished, set up product.  Almost ready to record!


Coming soon are posts consisting of topics such as: recording software, physically recording, editing, and more.  Stay tuned all!



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