The Way Of The Word: What Should Record Me?

So, the microphone is in, my voice is primed, my thoughts are-a-many; now what?

I have so much to say and the hardware to “jot” it down which means it’s time to start experimenting with various recording softwares.  My decision making process will be similar to that of my post on how I chose my microphone.  If you haven’t read that post, definitely check it out here.  The major difference is that cost won’t come into my decision making process.  While there are probably some great programs out there that are pay only, I’m not quite there yet and can stay on the more frugal side.  So let’s check out some options!


  1.  Audacity

screen-shot-2016-10-08-at-10-43-42-amI actually already have this software from when I was doing some preliminary research for starting a podcast and saw this one being recommend.  While their website needs some serious TLC and updating, there seems to be a lot of merit here.  First of all, the service is Free so it goes to the top of my list immediately.  Some features of it include: level meter monitoring before & after, multi-track recording, multiple file format exporting, editing, audio effects, plug-ins, and more.  From my findings, Audacity is better for more basic productions and if you’re trying to do some more advanced stuff, it wont be enough.  I don’t find the layout to be “pretty” at all or visually all that great but I’m not sure that matters if ease of use is the goal!  I did just record my first episode with audacity.  It’s pretty simple to start.  Just hit record and let it go while you blather away.  There’s pause, play, stop etc.  This will be the first episode that I use but this might not be the program I stick with.  I do want to experiment around so each program I’ll be doing a recording with to see what I like the best.  During play back I instantaneously pick up pick up on vocal issues I have such as saying “ya know..” and “uh…”  Things to work on!


On to the next!


2.  Garage Band

screen-shot-2016-10-08-at-12-06-52-pmGarage Band is definitely a program I’ve used before.  Nothing for school; more personal stuff just dicking around.  It’s a very pretty, clean application.  Apple made it, so it’s simply going to look great AND be user friendly.  Now this was not designed for podcasting; it was designed for music recording.  But there is a Voice Record mode so, really you could record whatever you want!  Since it’s designed for things that involve singing, there are ton of vocal effects you can tweak before, during, after recording in a very easy to use manner.  From personal experience, editing and moving around audio pieces is so simple and effortless.  Also I’ve received it as the highest recommendation from my NYU student cousin who has a nack for recording things!  I find garage band to be easier to tinker with also.


After so more searching, it does appear that recording with Garage Band and will be great but the actual editing (noise reduction etc) will be best done in audacity in a very easy way.  We can discuss the actual editing and how-to’s in another blog but It looks like I’m going to be using both pieces of software in parallel to each other which is totally fine!

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