Supply Vs. Demand: In Need Of Background Music, No Money To Spend

One thing you must know about me is that I literally LOVE music.  I love music so much that I have headphones on almost 8 hours a day at work trying to listen to as much as I possibly can with Spotify Premium.  I love music so much that when I hear songs, my brain tries to place them where they would fit into movie scenes based on the mood/theme of that clip.  Who knows, maybe that’s my calling; music producer on Hollywood films.  But we are getting off topic here.  I’ve come to the point in the podcast edit process where I am in search of adding background music, intros, outros, etc.  There are a lot of things to consider with this task:

  1. Theme
  2. Levels
  3. Licensing
  4. Length
  5. Source of track

So where do I learn how to do ALL of this and more?  Well, Google of course!  When you don’t know how to do something, you utilize any and all recourses at your disposal.  It’s as simple as typing in “Adding music to a podcast.”  A few results down lead to me to Dummies.  Remember those books that taught “dummies” how to do or learn stuff?!

Screen Shot 2016-10-17 at 5.16.24 PM.png

I had no idea this was even still around but those books were everywhere when I was growing up and now that I think of it, they’re still in their own, self help isle at Barnes & Nobles!  So after I browed the content of the various search results I found How To Legally Add Music Sound Effects To A Podcast.  So it appears to be a source on where to find free, pubic domain music that does not require buying rights or licensing to use music or audio created by another for even a non-profit podcast; such as my own.  According to this article, “podsafe” is a term which would apply to any audio track I wish/need to use for my podcast that is safe and free to use if I wasn’t in the market to purchase rights or licensing; which I’m not currently.  The first source listed is a an organization called Creative Commons.  The organization offers licensing to artists that gives others the ability to use the media for free it appears.  Tracks that have this license on them are safe to use.  When you go to the source it opens up into a searchable field broken out into specific categories of media types.


I need music so off to SoundCloud I go!  It opens into a license free section of SoundCloud when I type in Blues Guitar; which is a sound I’m looking for right now.  You can filter it between tags, length, artists and more.  I want to start with a cool sounding intro so I’m restricting the length to less than 2minutes knowing the intro will be max 1 minute.  I also made sure to set the license filter to “to use commercially.”  The stipulations that Creative Commons use is to make sure I give credit to the artist when sampling it; which I’m fine with!!!


After some browsing of the different files, I found a cool blues guitar instrumental track that seemed to be heavily inspired by George Thorogood and Bad To The Bone.  It was recorded by the SoundCloud user johnmortiboy. I hit the download button and it immediately downloads to my hard drive as an Mp3.  So my memory tells me I need to get this into iTunes in order to load it into my podcast library through GarageBand.  I went to do just that and noticed it wasn’t in my iTunes library which is where my memory stopped.  Since I cannot remember how to get it there, I’ll use my old blog post: Time To Edit: The Questions Start To Emerge.  I can see why tagging is going to be important ;).  And boom! it’s in my GarageBand library now; time to drag and drop.

I messed around with the fade in/ fade out so that it fades in to full volume and quiets down to a low volume as my vocals start to come in around the 30 second mark.  The track plays at a lowered volume until right around 1:30 minutes in and fades out.  This is where I’ll place my longer track that will sustain throughout!  After a lot of searching for a long blues track, I found this great long blues song by artist SCREECH1995.  It’s purely blues lead that should fit in great in the background!  I threw this in and edited the intro/outro to it just as the shorter track.  And if you’re wondering what it looks like in GarageBand, it’s something like this :


Stay tuned for more updates!!!!

Musical credits to: johnmortiboy and SCREECH1995.

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