Podcasting As A Personal Storytelling Vehicle- Intro

Vincent Cannarelli IDT – Thesis Overview


While the definition of a Podcast seems to always be evolving, I feel that it is a verbal information technology designed to provide on demand content to masses of people.  There are seemingly infinite reasons to conduct and/or listen to a podcast ranging from news deliver to pure entertainment fluff.  And now that there are so many names in the industry making big money with the medium, it’s a bigger than ever industry.  Podcasts fill a niche for me that I can’t quite get out of other forms of information technologies due to accessibility and availability.  The fact that you can listen to a podcast on next to every web ready, handheld device whenever you want makes them my go-to source for auditory bliss.  Not to mention that I am able to pick and choose various episodes from any podcaster based on topics covered in that episode makes it a no brainer for me.  After being a long time enthusiastic listener, I decided to jump into the deep end of the creation end of them.  But what would take me from being an avid listener to a curious creator?  Why would I go through the hassle and trouble of researching something that is done by the professionals I listen to?  How did I implement all of the things I learned?  What kind of experiences or lessons learned did I run into? And How did I use my own Podcast as a personal storytelling vehicle?  The answers to these questions do not have an ending necessarily as I’m still learning but I’ve got many experiences to share!

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