E6- Privates Hygiene, Dirty Sheets, Dog Rants, And More

In Episode 6 we talk about dick & vagina hygiene, dirty sheets, dick drip, issues with my dog, a play-by-play of an incidence with my dog Saturday night, and more.   Also check below for the special photo referenced in the podcast about my prior physical state as a child.  It’s sure to not disappoint!

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Well, we talked about this photo in episode 5 and I promised I’d go find it. So here it is everyone, in all its glory, the old me: Circa 2001.  I’ve come a long long way since visually identifying with the female sex. Not long ago, posting this would of been mortifying to me but again, I’ve come a long way.   Leave a comment on how this makes you feel inside. 



Blurred SuperHeroes



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