E7- Ryan Parr With Playing, Living, and Happiness

In Episode 7 I’m joined by Ryan Parr for a great, long conversation about finding happiness, de-stressing, pulling back from the rat race, and finding passions. By far my favorite conversation yet.

The 5:00 AM Struggle Bus- Hop The Fuck On

Pop out of bed, walk/feed the dog, speed to the gym, greet the regulars, make gainz, feel great, kill the rest of the day.  It was my mantra for months.  And it fucking worked for me. Enthusiasm and social motivation were at an all time high when the morning session was in its honeymoon phase….

Literature Review

Intro Storytelling, in any essence, has been around since the dawn of man and continues to evolve.  Stories have been told since the days of cave wall paintings to pass on information.  Then humans took on speech and a verbal language.  Information was passed via mouth and memory.  Writing and an alphabet was then born;…

Experiences Encountered to Conclusion

Positive At first, I wasn’t quite sure that had really gained anything beneficial out of the process.  I am a natural skeptic so I, course, saw this as a terrible piece of audio production initially.  However, the more I practiced the craft of speaking and process of editing, the more I realize I was not…

Creation/Implementation Steps

The Website: aka The Housing Of My Media Package The first step for me was to decide where to house all the components of my media package; the blog and the podcast source feed.  The decision to do a website was a no brainer.  Which led to the next question- What website creating service can…

Time To Upload: Apples to Apples

`Here we are my lovelies, the time has come to get my first episode of the podcast to you!  There’s a process here to look up; JUST like every other step I’ve documented so far and JUST like every step I’ve probably forgotten to comment on or will in the future.  For this part, I…

Why Podcast?

Brief Personal History of Podcasting Influences Surprisingly, I used to hate the thought of Podcasts.  Actually, I used to hate listening to spoken word in general.  They made me think of lectures.  Lectures and me are not friends nor do we play nice together.  You may be asking yourself how I came to start listening….

Podcasting As A Personal Storytelling Vehicle- Intro

Vincent Cannarelli IDT – Thesis Overview INTRO While the definition of a Podcast seems to always be evolving, I feel that it is a verbal information technology designed to provide on demand content to masses of people.  There are seemingly infinite reasons to conduct and/or listen to a podcast ranging from news deliver to pure…

First Ethical Dilemma: Was I Being Intentionally Too Out Outrageous?

I’ve run into my first non-technical issue during the recording of an episode.  Heads up, I scrapped the episode after I posted it within the first 24 hours.  Why you may ask? Well…It was a situation where I was really trying hard to be funny and outrageous.  This was no bueno.  Now, while I was…

Episode 4: Good Vacation Week Turn Bad

As Episode 4 goes in the books, I reflect on a particularly tough week for me that started out good. I touch on Thanksgiving, wrapping up my Master’s Degree, and where this whole thing is hopefully going. Sit back, listen to some more emotionally filled banter than previously heard, and enjoy a more vulnerable Vin.