E7- Ryan Parr With Playing, Living, and Happiness

In Episode 7 I’m joined by Ryan Parr for a great, long conversation about finding happiness, de-stressing, pulling back from the rat race, and finding passions. By far my favorite conversation yet.

Episode 4: Good Vacation Week Turn Bad

As Episode 4 goes in the books, I reflect on a particularly tough week for me that started out good. I touch on Thanksgiving, wrapping up my Master’s Degree, and where this whole thing is hopefully going. Sit back, listen to some more emotionally filled banter than previously heard, and enjoy a more vulnerable Vin.

Episode 3: Upset With Work

Episode 3 Ya’ll! In this episode, I speak in length about exhaustion, an unusually successful Sunday, a particularly frustrating night at work that left me in a combine state of irritated, upset, and poor, Dave Chappell’s return to sketch comedy when he hosted SNL, A Tribe Called Quest, and UFC 205. Stick with it if you can muster the energy.

Episode 2: Rants

I explore shit about life literally and figuratively in this one. Working too much, stress, annoying people, dog poop, and more.

Episode 1: Bring On The Suck

This is the first one, EVER. Don’t hate on the noob issues like the flem, hacking, um’s and more. This is a work in progress and will improve with time; Like a nice whiskey or plant or something. I talk about why I chose podcasting, my reasons, motivations, issues and more. I have a super lame commercial, intro music, background music and more. Hate or Don’t hate; that is the question.