Literature Review

Intro Storytelling, in any essence, has been around since the dawn of man and continues to evolve.  Stories have been told since the days of cave wall paintings to pass on information.  Then humans took on speech and a verbal language.  Information was passed via mouth and memory.  Writing and an alphabet was then born;…

Experiences Encountered to Conclusion

Positive At first, I wasn’t quite sure that had really gained anything beneficial out of the process.  I am a natural skeptic so I, course, saw this as a terrible piece of audio production initially.  However, the more I practiced the craft of speaking and process of editing, the more I realize I was not…

Creation/Implementation Steps

The Website: aka The Housing Of My Media Package The first step for me was to decide where to house all the components of my media package; the blog and the podcast source feed.  The decision to do a website was a no brainer.  Which led to the next question- What website creating service can…

Why Podcast?

Brief Personal History of Podcasting Influences Surprisingly, I used to hate the thought of Podcasts.  Actually, I used to hate listening to spoken word in general.  They made me think of lectures.  Lectures and me are not friends nor do we play nice together.  You may be asking yourself how I came to start listening….

Podcasting As A Personal Storytelling Vehicle- Intro

Vincent Cannarelli IDT – Thesis Overview INTRO While the definition of a Podcast seems to always be evolving, I feel that it is a verbal information technology designed to provide on demand content to masses of people.  There are seemingly infinite reasons to conduct and/or listen to a podcast ranging from news deliver to pure…

Episode 4: Good Vacation Week Turn Bad

As Episode 4 goes in the books, I reflect on a particularly tough week for me that started out good. I touch on Thanksgiving, wrapping up my Master’s Degree, and where this whole thing is hopefully going. Sit back, listen to some more emotionally filled banter than previously heard, and enjoy a more vulnerable Vin.

Episode 3: Upset With Work

Episode 3 Ya’ll! In this episode, I speak in length about exhaustion, an unusually successful Sunday, a particularly frustrating night at work that left me in a combine state of irritated, upset, and poor, Dave Chappell’s return to sketch comedy when he hosted SNL, A Tribe Called Quest, and UFC 205. Stick with it if you can muster the energy.

Episode 2: Rants

I explore shit about life literally and figuratively in this one. Working too much, stress, annoying people, dog poop, and more.

Episode 1: Bring On The Suck

This is the first one, EVER. Don’t hate on the noob issues like the flem, hacking, um’s and more. This is a work in progress and will improve with time; Like a nice whiskey or plant or something. I talk about why I chose podcasting, my reasons, motivations, issues and more. I have a super lame commercial, intro music, background music and more. Hate or Don’t hate; that is the question.